Renewable Energy

Energía Fotovoltaica en México: Buen Negocio, Poca Inversión

En México se han implementado políticas públicas para promover el uso de energías renovables en la generación de electricidad. Sin...

Electricity in Transition: Renewables in Developing Countries

The energy sector is undergoing a major transformation, becoming more decentralized and more interactive than ever before. Growing numbers of...

Islas sustentables: cómo transitar de los combustibles fósiles a las energías renovables

A diferencia de lo que sucede en la política, en el ámbito científico hay consenso sobre la existencia del cambio...

Evaluating the entire cost of renewable energy sources

New evidence of a “not in my backyard” attitude, illustrated in a recent study, conflicts with the conception of the inevitability of renewable energy sources as most important future sources of energy.

Opt-In, Opt-Out Options Vie for Top Billing in Efforts to Reduce Electricity Use

A 2011 pilot program found that when customers opted-in to electricity rates that vary by time of day, they reduced their peak-hour electricity use.

The Cost of Wind Energy: Tradeoffs between Energy Storage and Transmission

New research finds that transmission costs must be at least $600/MW-km and energy storage must cost at most $100/kW h in order for wind energy storage to be economical.

Short-Circuiting: Budgeting Instability Reduces Alternative Energy Innovation

Instability in federal alternative energy investment is shown to reduce innovation in the sector.

What Drives Oil and Gas Company Stock Prices?

To what extent do changing energy policies contribute to the volatility in oil and gas companies’ stock returns?

China: Progress without Partnership

China’s reliance on economic growth is the primary reason it has remained so obstinate to world pacts on climate change.

Municipal CFO Series: Lou Hoffman, Albuquerque

Albuquerque's CFO discusses the city's focus on sustainability and energy conservation

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