minimum wage

Evaluating the Impact of Minimum Wage Increases on Child Neglect

During the most recent presidential election, the issue of raising the federal minimum wage was intensely debated. Political debates about...

Why it’s time to raise the wage: An interview with State Rep. Christian Mitchell

Christian Mitchell is the State Representative for Illinois’ 26th district. He is one of the chief co-sponsors of House Bill...

Minimum Wage Increases: The Unintended Consequences

Increases in minimum wages appear to help some poor families escape poverty while having the perverse effect of dragging other families below the poverty line.

Minimum Wage: The Nobel Thing to Do

Despite the widely held view that minimum wages generate unemployment, some Nobel-winning economists have argued that labor markets are more complex than predicted by economic theory.

Do you want a higher minimum wage with that?

This classic study of fast food restaurants challenged economic orthodoxy on the minimum wage.

Does America deserve a raise? Everything you need to know about the minimum wage.

The story of the minimum wage in six graphs. This is the first installment of our weeklong series on the minimum wage.