Choosing between apple and doughnut

Healthy Habits: Using Behavioral Science in Health Policy

Encouraging healthy behaviors is a significant policy challenge because efforts to spark conversation around a health topic often fail to...

Bikaner, India - March 18, 2014: A mother is feeding her child in their home in a village near Bikaner, India.

Is Training Informal Healthcare Providers The Solution to India’s Doctor Shortage?

India, like other developing countries, is struggling with a scarcity of formally trained medical professionals, especially in rural and isolated...

People abusing drugs, with African american man and caucasian guy sharing the same syringe to inject heroin

U.S. DEA Report Indicates Tripling of Heroin Consumption Over Seven Years

Heroin consumption in the United States nearly tripled between 2007 and 2014, and it is now the cause of 10,000...

heap of dollars with stethoscope

Expanded Medicaid Eligibility Reduces Debt for Low-Income Individuals

In 2009, when President Obama placed healthcare at the top of his agenda, the weight of healthcare costs on individuals...

African black children hold their hands cupped to beg for help, health, education and peace for their continent.

Born Last: How Birth Order Affects Childhood Outcomes

Economic theory holds up competition as an ideal way for society to allocate limited resources. Although competition is often discussed...

Affordable Care Act Sign, A red, white and blue highway sign with words Affordable Care Act and an arrow sign with sky background

Triumphs, Challenges, and Lessons Learned from US Health Care Reform: A Rigorous Reflection by President Barack Obama

This is the first piece celebrating the Chicago Policy Review‘s 20th Anniversary Series. Please visit us here to learn more about the series from...

An emergency department sign.

Is Patient Activation the Answer? Engaged Patients Could Yield Lower Costs for Hospitals

Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) are growing rapidly in the United States because of new pay-for-performance incentives under the Affordable Care...

Hospital Doctor With Digital Tablet Talks To Male Patient

Can Comments Improve Care? How Yelp Reviews Can Help Patients and Providers Understand Experiences of Hospital Care

Recently, there has been an increased focus on improving patient satisfaction in health care. Patient experience is one of the...

Female Consultant Reassuring Teenage Patient In Hospital

Does Access to School-Based Healthcare Reduce Teen Birth Rates and Lead to More High School Completion?

Research suggests that school-based healthcare reduces teen fertility, but does not substantially reduce high school dropout rates.

Pregnant Woman Meeting With Nurse In Clinic

How Temporary Incentives Can Increase Long-Run Productivity in Clinics

A recent study shows that temporary financial incentives can motivate long-run changes in clinic routines, overcoming the initial costs of inertia and allowing them to implement more effective and efficient practices.

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