Energy & Environment

More Palatable and Less Effective

GDP-linked carbon intensity targets lure wary parties to the climate negotiating table. But are these targets any more than a tease?

Shock Therapy for the Homeowner

High gas prices popped the housing bubble.

Blowin’ Through Texas: Local Wind Farm Economics

Wind farms create jobs in small communities. But are the economic benefits enjoyed mostly by city slickers?

Once In A Centillion Years

How much should we spend to avoid a very, very bad event that almost certainly won't happen?

Has the Green Metropolis Sprouted?

The New Yorker scribe details the environmental perks of cities---and why we have a long way to go to escape our manifest destiny of sprawl.

A SunShot In the Arm: How the Energy Department Is Banking On Renewables

A chief engineer at the U.S. Department of Energy wants a "world without subsidies."

The Car, the Refrigerator, and the World’s Booming Demand for Energy

The world is flat. Almost. But not quite.

Keystone Confusion: A Crude Mix of Policy and Politics

An energy policy analyst walks us through the muck on the Keystone Pipeline.

When Costs Outweigh Benefits: Accounting for Environmental Externalities

Beware of net negative value industries.

Policy Radio | Tom Wolf on the Changing Landscape of Energy Production

In this week’s episode of Chicago Policy Radio, Claire O'Hanlon sits down with Tom Wolf to talk about where our energy comes from, how the sources of energy in Illinois are changing, and what policymakers can do to help the energy sector.

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