Sean M. Wiley is a writer for the pulse section for the Chicago Policy Review. He is interested in education and finance.

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The Cost of Gender Inequality

This piece, first published on October 22, 2014, is being republished as part of the Chicago Policy Review‘s 20th Anniversary Series. Please visit us here to...

Budget Cuts Loom as CPS Fail to Pass a Balanced Budget

CPS passed a budget with a $500 million gap that gambles on Springfield covering the rest. With over 85 percent of CPS students qualifying for free or reduced price lunches, the last thing city and school officials want to do is take away supportive services.

Universities Struggle to Address Sexual Violence on Campus

As universities fail to prevent sexual violence and respond inappropriately to its victims, there is an urgent need to develop preventative measures with proven success to decrease sexual violence.

State of the Union Part 2: Obama’s Gamble on Free Community College

Free community college will help, but opportunity costs will prevent others from taking advantage of the president’s proposal.

Countdown to Election: Quinn v Rauner, who’s telling the truth about Illinois’ economy?

“Illinois has added 257,000 private sector jobs.” This is what voters see when they look at Governor Quinn’s evaluation of...

The Cost of Gender Inequality

Beyond issues of gender equity and human development, research points to damaging economic consequences for regions with large gender gaps in education and employment.