Elliott Balch is a Pulse Staff Writer for the Chicago Policy Review. He is interested in how people and communities come together to govern resources and each other. Also, in great food, great travel, and great furniture.

Posts by Elliott Balch

Myth Busting: Robert Pape on ISIS, Suicide Terrorism, and US Foreign Policy

This piece, first published on May 5, 2015, is being republished as part of the Chicago Policy Review’s 20th Anniversary Series. Please visit us here to...

Philadelphia’s Sustainability Director on the Changing Climate for Climate Leadership

Philadelphia’s Director of Sustainability, Katherine Gajewski, reflects on the rising tide of local government collaboration to address climate change in the face of gridlock at the federal and state levels.

Myth Busting: Robert Pape on ISIS, suicide terrorism, and U.S. Foreign Policy

Robert Pape, Director of the Chicago Project on Security and Terrorism and University of Chicago political scientist, dispels myths about ISIS and suicide terrorism and discusses the potential power of grassroots efforts to influence foreign policy.

University of Chicago Presidential Scholar Weighs In on Obama Library

Professor William Howell explores the reasons presidential libraries are important and the academic value of having the Obama Library near the University of Chicago.

State of the Union, Part 1: Obama’s Push to Break Internet Monopolies

Obama’s State of the Union proposal to promote internet service competition may delight consumers, but will face vigorous opposition from current providers and state governments.

Chicago’s Changing Financial Landscape: An Interview with the City’s CFO, Lois Scott

Chicago’s CFO talks about how the City can surmount its long-term fiscal challenges, generational changes in attitudes among investors, and the evolving role of bond ratings.

Countdown to Election Series: Pioneering States Create Haze Around Marijuana Legality

As November 4 ballot measures could expand the legality of marijuana in three more states, there is increasing scrutiny on the role of federalism in policymaking.

Opt-In, Opt-Out Options Vie for Top Billing in Efforts to Reduce Electricity Use

A 2011 pilot program found that when customers opted-in to electricity rates that vary by time of day, they reduced their peak-hour electricity use.

Winners and Losers: Income Inequality and Its Effects on Outcomes in Major League Baseball

Those superstar salaries? A new study of professional baseball shows they may be dragging down your team’s performance.