Policy Radio | Dr. Mark Hammergren on Current Trends in Space Research and Policy

Dr. Mark Hammergren, Adler Planetarium

Dr. Mark Hammergren, Adler Planetarium

Dr. Mark Hammergren is an astronomer at Chicago’s Adler Planetarium, where he leads a research program to characterize the composition of asteroids. He is also the Director of the Planetarium’s Astro-Science Workshop, a challenging astronomy program for high school students that originated 49 years ago, sponsored by the Adler and the National Science Foundation. He cofounded the Adler’s “Far Horizons” citizen space exploration program, which sends student- and volunteer-built experiments aboard high-altitude balloons to heights exceeding 100,000 feet. His research interests include asteroids, meteorites, impacts and mass extinctions, and the history and sociology of the flying saucer phenomenon

This week, Julie Cooper speaks with Dr. Mark Hammergren of the Adler Planetarium about current space research, trends and politics in the field, and how astronomers’ work impacts our daily lives.

This podcast was produced by Julie Cooper.

Feature photo: cc/(Matthew Simantov)

Julie Cooper
Julie Cooper works in Podcast for CPR as the senior editor and is a 2014 MPP graduate of the Harris School of Public Policy. She is interested in sustainable urban development policy.

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