Training & Resources

Welcome to the training and resource page for Chicago Policy Review staff!

Below are video segments from our training in October 2016. Video segments marked with an asterisk include material that is new or has changed significantly for 2016-2017. We hope you find this material helpful if you were unable to make the training or forget anything along the way.

If you have any specific questions, contact your department head or anyone on the executive board.

Organizational Overview

An overview of the organization structure and the process of editing and publishing an article.

Business Goals

Business goals and overview for the 2016-2017 year

Website Overview

A brief overview of the website and author pages

Using Asana

An overview of how we use Asana including new processes added this year. A more detailed look at the process of publication.

Using Slack

A quick overview of slack, a new addition to our process for 2016-2017

First Things To Do

The first three things you need to do as a new or returning member of the Chicago Policy Review staff

Using Article Templates

A guide to using article templates, the first step in publishing your article.

Avoiding Plagiarism

A guide to the common mistakes that lead to accidental plagiarism and how to avoid them.

Article Research How-to

A guide to finding suitable academic work to use as the basis for your article.

Data Visualization Guide for Writers

How to know when your article could use data visualization. Contains new information for 2016-2017.

Editorial Process

An overview of the copy editing process and style guide for the Chicago Policy Review.