San Cristobal, Bolivia - September 15, 2015: Students of a primary school near Uyuni, Bolivia.

Improving Education Quality in Chile Through Structured Instruction Methods for Teachers

Improving the quality of education worldwide continues to be a policy challenge. Recently, UNESCO estimated that 38 percent of children...

Oromia, Ethiopia-March 31, 2013: Donkeys and a couple of women stand before the stone and scrub walls and thatched roofs of the huts of a small walled hamlet of the Oromo people alongside the Debre Sina-Addis Ababa route while watching at the tourists visiting the place.

The Role of Economic Independence in Domestic Violence: Evidence from Africa

Violence against women has long been and continues to be a widespread social problem across the globe. Statistics from UN...

Blue new job button on white keyboard close-up

How Far Would You Travel for Work? Disentangling the Effects of Geography, Job Search and Employment

After the financial crisis, the number of unemployed workers in the United States reached nearly 15 million in 2009 and...

Trees felt over houses  by strong wind, natural disaster theme

The Financial Impact of Natural Disasters: Beyond Disaster Aid

 Recent wildfires in California and catastrophic flooding in Louisiana have drawn public attention to natural disasters across the United States....

Cars lined up to pass into America from Tijuana Mexico

Introducing Data to the Immigration Debate

Illegal immigration is a tumultuous topic for the Obama administration, and continues to be a source of heated debate in...


Does Foreign Aid Have an Effect on Economic Growth? New Research Adds to the Debate

There is an ongoing debate about the impact of international aid on growth, particularly in developing countries. Jeffrey Sachs and William Easterly represent the...

Standardized Test with a broken yellow pencil

Wicked Smart: Massachusetts’s Efforts to Turn Around a Failing School District

Just 30 miles north of Boston on the Merrimack River is the city of Lawrence, Massachusetts. This industrial metropolitan area...

little girl bullying in school classroom

Bullying in South Korea: A Long-Lasting Burden to Carry

In their research, Miguel Sarzosa and Sergio Urzúa examine how cognitive and non-cognitive skills can influence the occurrence of bullying, and how these skills can exacerbate the effects of bullying on outcomes such as depression, school attainment, satisfaction, and health.

Romania 5.12 CPR

Abortion and Access to Better Schools in Romania

In their paper, Ofer Malamud, Cristian Pop-Eleches, and Miguel Urquiola examine—through the combined use of regression discontinuity and difference-in-difference techniques—whether there is a positive interaction between family and school environments in Romania.

Financial problems in young family with child. Focus on man

The Uneven Retreat from Marriage

A study shows the ways in which demographic changes regarding marriage, divorce, and cohabitation in the past 50 years have fostered family inequality across socioeconomic groups, causing negative impacts for children.

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