Comparing Immigration Policies Under the IMPALA Database

A person’s decision to migrate is affected by various economic, political, and social factors not only in the country of...

Do People Move to Gain Medicaid Benefits?

The welfare migration hypothesis proposes the idea that people will move to a location because of the availability of social...

The Lefts, Mexico, and Latin America: A Conversation with Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas

Biography: Mr. Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas Solórzano is the son of late Mexican President and Mexican Revolutionary General, Lázaro Cárdenas del Río....

¿Les estamos quitando sus empleos? Nueva evidencia sobre los braceros mexicanos en Estados Unidos

En el debate político actual, se ha vuelto común la afirmación de que los migrantes en el mercado laboral disminuyen...

Encouraging the Return of Talent: Evidence on Tax Incentives from Malaysia’s Returning Expert Program

High-skilled workers are continuously migrating. According to the World Bank, in 2010 there were approximately 45 million tertiary-educated migrants globally,...

The Unintended Consequences of Border Patrol: How US Immigration Policy Backfired

New research suggests that the policies of border security have ultimately backfired, leading to an increase in the number of undocumented immigrants.

The Role of Drought and Climate Change in Syrian Conflict

A recent study shows how climate change contributed to the 2007-2010 drought and how this affected conflict in Syria.

How Female Migration Can Reduce Gender Inequality

A recent OECD study suggests that differences in the rates of immigration across gender are associated with socially-institutionalized forms of gender inequality, such as norms that restrict females’ access to education, family planning, property ownership, and labor markets. The authors study how these factors impact female migration and, in turn, contribute to perpetuating gender inequality.

Poverty Trap, or Ticket to Economic Growth? Forecasting the Impact of Climate Change on Migration and Global Inequality

A new study models the long-run effects of global warming on agricultural productivity and its impact on migration flows in low- and middle-income countries.

Editor’s Note: Forecasting Effects of Climate Change

An introduction to a series on climate change.

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