gender equality

Reviewing the Research on National Maternity Leave Policies and their Effects on Women’s Careers, Children’s Health, and Employers’ Bottom Line

In 2015, women surpassed men in their likelihood of holding a bachelor’s degree. The gender pay gap has been steadily...

Female Legislators and the Tipping Point for Female Centered Policy

Research shows that, as the percentage of female legislators increases, the likelihood of the state instituting welfare sanctions decreases.

Breaking the Silence: Human Trafficking and the Struggle for Equality in Guyana

Simona Broomes is leading the fight against human trafficking and forging a path to empowerment through the Guyana Women Miners Organization, which she launched in 2012.

Afghanistan: The Rule of Law and the Law of Rules

Fallckolm Cuenca from the European Union Police Mission discusses EUPOL’s progress in building capacity in Afghanistan.