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Rebuilding Michigan with Clean Energy: A Conversation with Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm

Jennifer Granholm served as the former two-term Governor of Michigan (2003-2010), and Michigan Attorney General (1999-2003). Granholm lead Michigan through...

Ethanol Cookstoves and Their Impact on Pregnant Women: Lessons from Nigeria

In Nigeria and much of the developing world, kerosene and biomass fuels are used to provide energy for cooking, heating,...

Are electric cars more environmentally friendly? It depends where you drive them.

The boom in electric car sales, enhanced by federal subsidies, does not reflect the fact that, in some cases, powering those cars produces more emissions than powering conventional cars. The characteristics of each state and regional mode of electricity generation should be considered in designing a subsidy (or tax) scheme.

Seeing Green: Opening the Vaults for Clean Energy

What would a Green Bank look like?