Urban Affairs

Most Unequal, More Separate: How Income Segregation Skyrocketed In U.S. Cities

A pair of researchers explain why our cities have been pulled apart and how we can mend them back together.

Ushering In the Creative Age

Alan Freeman writes that the age of creation lies before us---if we can rediscover the lost art of investing in humans.

Spacing Out: Geographic Boundary Setting by Drug Treatment Courts

Should drug treatment courts subscribe to that age-old adage "out of sight, out of mind"?

The Inner City Boom Goes Bust

The Inner City Boom Goes Bust

Downtowns aren't dead. They just don't have any capital.

Missing the Middle

The nation's neighborhoods increasingly segregate by income.

It Pays to Price Congestion

It saves commuters time and money, so why is it so unpopular?

The Windy City Path: Funding the Future of Transit In Chicago

A transportation analyst sums up how far the city has come on restructuring its transit infrastructure---and how far it has yet to go.

Pulling the Purse Strings: Choice and Competition in Public Schools

Urban school districts spend to compete.

Cities Insecure: Urban Poor in Times of Rising Food Prices

The pricey downside of life in the city.

Browner Pastures

Brownfield makeovers aren't glamorous for everyone.

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