Law & Politics

Crime and the Courts: The Future of Criminal Justice In the City

A leading legal advocate argues that strong courts are not only behind public safety, but public health and trust as well.

Most Unequal, More Separate: How Income Segregation Skyrocketed In U.S. Cities

A pair of researchers explain why our cities have been pulled apart and how we can mend them back together.

Spacing Out: Geographic Boundary Setting by Drug Treatment Courts

Should drug treatment courts subscribe to that age-old adage "out of sight, out of mind"?

Educating for Equality

A scholarship program for Kenyan girls has benefits for that go far beyond the classroom.

Missing the Middle

The nation's neighborhoods increasingly segregate by income.

Our Huddled Masses: New Frontiers In Refugee Resettlement

With new waves of refugees coming to our shores, Bob Montgomery, a nationally recognized leader in his field, details the policy and political challenges ahead.

Immergluck and the Evolution of the FHA

Immergluck and the Evolution of the FHA

Some might like to blame George Bush’s “ownership society,” with its emphasis on homeownership as a cure-all for social ills of all kinds, for the intrusion of the federal government into the housing and mortgage markets. But as Dan Immergluck explains in his recent article, government agencies – particularly the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) – have played significant, and varied, roles in homeownership since World War II.

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