Research in Brief

A Case for Evaluating Teachers

A study links teacher evaluations to improvements in students' lifetime earnings.

The Car, the Refrigerator, and the World’s Booming Demand for Energy

The world is flat. Almost. But not quite.

Resource Rich, Capital Investment Poor

Lessons in financial management for resource-rich countries.

Spacing Out: Geographic Boundary Setting by Drug Treatment Courts

Should drug treatment courts subscribe to that age-old adage "out of sight, out of mind"?

source: Flickr Creative Commons

Anything But Conventional: Wage Inequality and International Trade

Two economists find that trade theory gets wage inequality wrong.

Turn Around: You Might Like What You See

Turnaround schools in Chicago start to show some positive results.

When Costs Outweigh Benefits: Accounting for Environmental Externalities

Beware of net negative value industries.

Educating for Equality

A scholarship program for Kenyan girls has benefits for that go far beyond the classroom.

A Good Carbon Tax

Cap-and-tax might be the best way to mitigate emissions after all.

Missing the Middle

The nation's neighborhoods increasingly segregate by income.