Research in Brief

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Looking for the Losers in New-New Trade Theory

Trade liberalization couldn't raise wages, could it?

Positive Assortative Teaching

Good teachers like to be around other good teachers.

Shock Therapy for the Homeowner

High gas prices popped the housing bubble.

Blowin’ Through Texas: Local Wind Farm Economics

Wind farms create jobs in small communities. But are the economic benefits enjoyed mostly by city slickers?

Pessimistic Americans Are Bad Shoppers

The Great Recession has meant $1.069 trillion less in consumer expenditures. And consumers still aren't feeling confident.

The Water Is Good

Ethiopians' reviews of water infrastructure improvements are generally rave.

Will (Probably) Teach for Performance Pay

Not all pay-for-performance schemes are created equal.

Something for a Rainy Day

Low-income countries that can afford to be thrifty fare better during financial crises.

Postdisaster Housing Policy: Lessons from Katrina

How can we best support low-income survivors after natural disasters?

Once In A Centillion Years

How much should we spend to avoid a very, very bad event that almost certainly won't happen?