Research in Brief

Big Mac, Big Real Wage Differences

Orley C. Ashenfelter examines the real wage rate for McDonald's workers and finds substantial differences in rich and poor countries.

The Regulators

How should policymakers approach regulation in settings with weak institutions

Oh Behave! Increasing Emotional Intelligence to Achieve Better Outcomes

Across three studies, researchers found that a students’ ability to manage emotions was correlated with good classroom behavior

Housing Booms and Manufacturing Busts: Hidden Job Loss in the U.S.

Authors locate the cause of the great recession in hidden weaknesses in the U.S. manufacturing sector

The ACA: Adding Coverage for All

Authors examine the impact of the ACA on insurance rates by racial and ethnic group.

Access Matters: Tracking Regional Differences in Quality Health Care

Does where you live affect the care you receive?

Food for Thought: Does the Delivery of Food Aid Contribute to Conflict?

New research investigates the relationship between food aid and civil conflicts

The Great Firewall: A Closer Look at Digital Censorship in China

Researchers investigate the who, what, and why of digital censorship in China

Finding the Market Value in Certificates

How valuable are non-degree certificate programs for participants?

Boon or Burden? Lessons from Microcredit in Bangladesh, Bolivia, and South Africa

Researchers investigate practices that contribute to successful microcredit programs