Research in Brief

The Great Firewall: A Closer Look at Digital Censorship in China

Researchers investigate the who, what, and why of digital censorship in China

Finding the Market Value in Certificates

How valuable are non-degree certificate programs for participants?

Boon or Burden? Lessons from Microcredit in Bangladesh, Bolivia, and South Africa

Researchers investigate practices that contribute to successful microcredit programs

Testing Recipes for Regime Change

Authors examine socioeconomic and political factors that make countries more likely to experience regime change

Labor Mobility, Capital Mobility, and Government Size in Mexican States

Researchers examine how labor and capital mobility impact the size of government

Can Head Start and State Pre-Kindergarten Play Nice?

What does the expansion of preK services mean for Head Start?

A Tale of Two Situations

Researchers investigate the impact of school quality on student's success

The Urban East

The new Global Cities Index and Emerging Cities Outlook report looks at the international powerhouses of tomorrow

And What of Cohort Size?

Researchers use cohort size to investigate the impact of classroom size on grade level retention

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Medium Rare: What’s Cooking in the Rare Earth Element Market?

Markets for Rare Earth Metals have become increasingly volatile. Six economists project future supply and demand trends.