Research in Brief

Exploring the Changing Dynamics in U.S. Public Opinion toward Israel

Exploring the history of domestic public opinion toward Israel.

Reforming Immigration to Boost Economic Competitiveness?

New research highlights the significant contribution that high-skilled immigrants make to innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic growth in the US.

Are Central Cities More Creative? Exploring the Locational Decisions of Creative Industries

Should urban policy makers worry about retaining creative industries?

Alone And Unafraid?

Reevaluating United States policy toward international maritime law to protect long-term national interests

Tweeting the Revolution

What impact did social media play in the 2009 protests in Iran?

The Effect of Additional Time in School on Students’ Cognitive Skills

A new study examines whether more time in the classroom mean smarter students.

The Great Gun Regulation Debate

Can stronger gun regulations help keep guns out of the hands of criminals?

Where the EITC Goes: A Qualitative Examination of EITC Allocation

A working paper from the National Poverty Center examines the allocation of the Earned Income Tax Credit in the budgets of low-income families

More Money, More Pounds (Off)

Can commitment contracts and financial incentives affect long term exercise habits?