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Despite attention from federal policymakers, the transition to the digital future remains elusive for some hospitals.

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Keeping up with the Jonesing

Methadone clinics aren't dangerous. Convenience stores are.

Policy Radio | David Garcia-Junco Has Mexico Covered

In this week's episode of Chicago Policy Radio, Thomas Day sits down with David Garcia Junco to discuss Seguro Popular, its impact on health care for Mexicans, and investing in Mexico's future.

Where Will We Be Without the Individual Mandate?

With the Supreme Court considering the constitutionality of the individual mandate, how worried should policymakers be if the mandate must be abandoned?

More Money For Health, Better Health for the Money

What the US can learn from Mexico's successful national health insurance program, Seguro Popular.

Policy Radio | Health Care for the Next Generation

In this podcast, Dr. Genevieve Kenney of the Urban Institute discusses the impact of new health care laws on American children.

Leaping Forward in ICU Care and Cost Management

Leaping Forward in ICU Care and Cost Management

While Dr. James Gasperino argues that the Affordable Care Act will put pressure on hospitals to increase their standards of care, he believes that cost-effectiveness will be driven by the private sector.

Flooding the Urban Food Deserts

A new Chicago start-up hopes to fill up the city's food deserts with a new approach---and with sound policy.

Disparities in Home Are Disparities in Health

Disparities in Home Are Disparities in Health

A family’s housing reality is often viewed as an index of its economic situation. However, Brian Jacob, Jens Ludwig, and Douglas Miller's new NBER working paper joins a groundswell of research that demonstrates that housing situations are in fact proxies for much more than one’s socioeconomic status.

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