Finance & Economics

The View of the Eurozone Crisis From China

A Chinese economist says that his nation is more vulnerable to a Eurozone collapse than the U.S. is.

To Divert or Not To Divert: The Impact of TIFs on Chicago Public Schools

TIFs don't exactly steal money from Chicago schools. But schools would probably have more money without them.

One Region, Two Plans? How Chicagoland Can Take Economic Flight

Two new reports highlight the challenges and opportunities for economic development in the Chicagoland area.

Pessimistic Americans Are Bad Shoppers

The Great Recession has meant $1.069 trillion less in consumer expenditures. And consumers still aren't feeling confident.

Reining In Risk: The Fed Tackles the Dodd-Frank Regulatory Mandates

The Federal Reserve continues to deal with the aftermath of the financial crisis. A top official in the Chicago branch details how they are working to prevent another.

The Inner City Boom Goes Bust

The Inner City Boom Goes Bust

Downtowns aren't dead. They just don't have any capital.

Policy Radio | Donald Cox on Intergenerational Transfers

In this week's episode of Chicago Policy Radio, Thomas Day discusses intergenerational transfers with Dr. Donald Cox, Professor of Economics at Boston College. Learn about the impact public transfers may have on private transfers and why giving your daughter more money than your son may be the sensible thing to do.

Increased Income Inequality Occupies Recent CBO Report

Increased Income Inequality Occupies Recent CBO Report

In a well-timed recent report, the Congressional Budgets Office (CBO) provides a series of statistics that largely reinforce the concerns being raised in the Occupy Wall Street protests.

Immergluck and the Evolution of the FHA

Immergluck and the Evolution of the FHA

Some might like to blame George Bush’s “ownership society,” with its emphasis on homeownership as a cure-all for social ills of all kinds, for the intrusion of the federal government into the housing and mortgage markets. But as Dan Immergluck explains in his recent article, government agencies – particularly the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) – have played significant, and varied, roles in homeownership since World War II.

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