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In many African villages, water is a luxury, and everyday people walk few kilometers to get it.

Uncovering the Demographics of the Poorest People in Developing Nations

Global poverty has been decreasing over the past two decades as a result of fast-paced economic growth. The number of...

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Uncertainty in Financial Markets and the Exchange Risk Premium of the Mexican Peso

Since 2015, the Mexican Peso has been the second most depreciated currency among emerging countries. This depreciation is mostly due...

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How Far Would You Travel for Work? Disentangling the Effects of Geography, Job Search and Employment

After the financial crisis, the number of unemployed workers in the United States reached nearly 15 million in 2009 and...

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How Organizational Changes Can Increase Competitiveness: Evidence from Brazil

Productivity is a fundamental concept in business because it encompasses how employees, firms, and the economy as a whole efficiently...

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The Impact of Financing on Labor Markets in Developing Countries

Most firms in today’s economy are dependent on financial services such as lending or insurance.  Developed countries are at the...

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Introducing Data to the Immigration Debate

Illegal immigration is a tumultuous topic for the Obama administration, and continues to be a source of heated debate in...


Does Foreign Aid Have an Effect on Economic Growth? New Research Adds to the Debate

There is an ongoing debate about the impact of international aid on growth, particularly in developing countries. Jeffrey Sachs and William Easterly represent the...

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You’ve Been Accepted to College, but How Do You Pay for It? A Proposal to Streamline Federal Financial Aid

A recent research report entitled “Tax Benefits For College Attendance” conducted by Susan Dynarski and Judith Scott-Clayton investigates how the federal government could streamline the existing federal financial aid system and increase uptake for college tax benefits.

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To Ban the Box, or Not to Ban the Box? How Policy Change Can Affect Hiring and Employment

Evidence suggests that Ban the Box policies in high-crime neighborhoods have a positive effect on employment, compared to other high-crime neighborhoods that have not yet implemented the measure. Adopting this measure could impact employment opportunities in high-crime neighborhoods, although more research is needed to fully understand the overall effect on the labor market.

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Avoiding Systemic Risks and Tackling Recessions: A Network Perspective

Employing network theory to understand social and economic interactions is coming into prominence, and these authors want to understand this phenomenon.

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