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Figuring Out If It Matters

Researchers take an in-depth look into Chicago's After School Matters.

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Working Out: The Benefits of a Transitional Jobs Program for Ex-Offenders

A prisoner reentry program just might be the holy grail of job creation. If only politicians cared.

Tenure or Turnover?

New research finds that teacher turnover is disruptive. And offers some reasons why.

It Takes a Community

A community school isn't simply another service provider. It is a hub for community partnerships.

Fixing the Youth Jobs Pipeline

Workforce training programs should appeal to employers' needs, not their charity.

Positive Assortative Teaching

Good teachers like to be around other good teachers.

Will (Probably) Teach for Performance Pay

Not all pay-for-performance schemes are created equal.

A Case for Evaluating Teachers

A study links teacher evaluations to improvements in students' lifetime earnings.

Turn Around: You Might Like What You See

Turnaround schools in Chicago start to show some positive results.

Rural School Snub: The Inequity of Title I Funding

Does a major Federal education program tilt too far from needy rural schools?

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