Tom (MPP'17) is a staff writer with a focus on urban affairs. He is interested in urban policy and inequality.

Posts by Tom Houseman

Have Home, Won’t Travel: How Housing Values Impact Labor Mobility

The terms “economic mobility” and “social mobility” are used figuratively to describe ascending the wealth ladder, usually by accruing income....

Rebuilding the City: Why Some Neighborhoods Survived the Housing Bubble and Others Did Not

The Great Recession of the late 2000s impacted the lives of millions of people and caused upheaval in countless neighborhoods...

Won’t You Be My Neighbor? Understanding Resistance to Neighborhood Densification

New research reveals that increased diverse and unknown social interactions are the main causes of resistance to neighborhood densification among residents of urban areas.

Good Neighbors: Addressing Race in Public Housing Integration

New research shows that perceived racial conflict is hindering the ability of black, public housing residents to integrate into predominantly white neighborhoods, an issue that the City of Chicago is doing nothing to address.