Ivonne ('17) is a staff writer for Labor & Finance. She is interested in public finance.

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Do Industrial Robots Contribute to Unemployment and Lower Wages?

Over the past few years, rapid advances in technology have posed greater threats to jobs, especially those vulnerable to automation....

Understanding the Impact of Immigration on Labor Markets: A Tale of Two Miamis

In 2015, the United Nations estimated an international migrant population of 243 million people around the world. Immigration has been...

Leaning in or Leaning Out?

The World Economic Forum estimates that for every dollar a woman earns, a man earns $1.54 in the United States....

How Far Would You Travel for Work? Disentangling the Effects of Geography, Job Search and Employment

After the financial crisis, the number of unemployed workers in the United States reached nearly 15 million in 2009 and...

How Organizational Changes Can Increase Competitiveness: Evidence from Brazil

Productivity is a fundamental concept in business because it encompasses how employees, firms, and the economy as a whole efficiently...

Does Foreign Aid Have an Effect on Economic Growth? New Research Adds to the Debate

This piece, first published on June 15, 2016, is being republished as part of the Chicago Policy Review‘s 20th Anniversary Series. Please visit us here to...

Does Foreign Aid Have an Effect on Economic Growth? New Research Adds to the Debate

There is an ongoing debate about the impact of international aid on growth, particularly in developing countries. Jeffrey Sachs and William Easterly represent the...

To Ban the Box, or Not to Ban the Box? How Policy Change Can Affect Hiring and Employment

Evidence suggests that Ban the Box policies in high-crime neighborhoods have a positive effect on employment, compared to other high-crime neighborhoods that have not yet implemented the measure. Adopting this measure could impact employment opportunities in high-crime neighborhoods, although more research is needed to fully understand the overall effect on the labor market.

Standing out from the Crowd: How College Degrees, Internships, and Academic Performance Influence Hiring Decisions

A new study uses experimental data from a resume audit to determine whether college degrees and internship experience have an impact on job opportunities for recent college graduates.

The Complicated Relationship between Public Sector Employment and Governance in Low-Income Countries

Evidence suggests that public sector workers in low-income countries have a wage premium relative to their private sector counterparts, despite the fact that they have lower quality governance. Improving the design of public sector personnel policies may have an impact on the quality of governance.

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