Frank Manzo IV is a 2013 MPP graduate from the Harris School of Public Policy. He is interested in labor market policy, economic development, public finance, regulation policy, and the interplay between the aforementioned fields.

Posts by Frank Manzo IV

The Long Road: Austan Goolsbee on the Economic Recovery

The former Obama economist on the path out of the recession, his ideal legislation, and why Europe is our biggest threat.

The Financial Industry: Too Important to Leave to Bankers

Improved disclosure of financial information and compensation schemes that tie executive pay to credit quality could help avoid another financial collapse.

To Divert or Not To Divert: The Impact of TIFs on Chicago Public Schools

TIFs don't exactly steal money from Chicago schools. But schools would probably have more money without them.

Pessimistic Americans Are Bad Shoppers

The Great Recession has meant $1.069 trillion less in consumer expenditures. And consumers still aren't feeling confident.

Increased Income Inequality Occupies Recent CBO Report

Increased Income Inequality Occupies Recent CBO Report

In a well-timed recent report, the Congressional Budgets Office (CBO) provides a series of statistics that largely reinforce the concerns being raised in the Occupy Wall Street protests.