Claire Pritchard is a 2013 MPP graduate of the Harris School of Public Policy. She is interested in law and justice policy.

Posts by Claire Pritchard

Gay Rights: Do International Courts Affect Domestic Policies?

A study examines how The European Court of Human Rights' rulings impact LGBT policy change.

Who Cares if We Violate the Geneva Convention?

A study tests whether knowledge about international law influences public opinion on torture.

Finger on the Joystick: A Drone Expert Weighs in on American Policy

Professor of Law Amos Guiora discusses when drone strikes are morally and legally justifiable and how U.S. drone policy gets it wrong.

There Are Always Allies

An international human rights advocate discusses opportunities and obstacles in the fight for LGBT rights.

Boon or Burden? Lessons from Microcredit in Bangladesh, Bolivia, and South Africa

Researchers investigate practices that contribute to successful microcredit programs

Labor Mobility, Capital Mobility, and Government Size in Mexican States

Researchers examine how labor and capital mobility impact the size of government

Just a Dream: Jose Antonio Vargas on America’s Undocumented

A prominent journalist and advocate reflects on "coming out" as an undocumented immigrant

Welcome, Stranger: The Positive Labor Market Effects of Immigration

In a study of OECD countries, immigration had a small positive impact on receiving countries' labor markets.

The Economics of Human Smuggling

Policymakers can fight human smuggling with economics.

Hangzhou: Urban Development and China’s Transitional Economy

The "Geneva of the Orient" provides a case-study of economic development in China.

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