Policy Radio | David Garcia-Junco Has Mexico Covered


David Garcia-Junco Machado is the  Commissioner for Social Protection in Health in Mexico. In this role, he oversees Seguro Popular, a national health insurance program established in 2003.  Mr. Garcia-Junco obtained a B.A. in Public Administration from El Colegio de México and an M.A. in Public Policy from the University of Chicago Harris School. He has worked  for McKinsey and the World Bank, and as a government official, he has worked in the education, social development, and health sectors.

David Garcia-Junco

In this week’s episode of Chicago Policy Radio, Thomas Day sits down with David Garcia-Junco Machado to discuss Seguro Popular, its impact on health care for Mexicans, and investing in Mexico’s future.

This podcast was produced by Claire O’Hanlon and David Levine.

Feature Photo: cc/Federal Government of Mexico

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